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Life Insurance Companies in Canada – Who Owns Whom

The variety of life insurance companies in Canada is not what it appears to be in the Canadian market. From a consumer perspective, there are nearly 50 life and health insurance providers, but the reality is a bit different… (scroll

InsureNOW Available From BMO Insurance

BMO Insurance is offering a simplified life insurance policy named insureNOW for anyone between the ages of 18 to 49. InsureNOW features a no medical exam to qualify, immediate full coverage as soon as the policy is issued and a

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How long has your insurance company been in business?

The need for insurance in Canada became apparent quite early, with many companies developing their Canadian style branches in the mid 1800s. Following is a look at how and when your insurance company came into being.

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Humania Provides Insurance Options For Those With Limited Options

Humania is a modern day life insurance provider that has a century of experience in a competitive market. Rising from humble begins in 1874, Humania started out as a fraternal benefit society established to provide financial support for widows and

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Who Has the Best No Medical Life Insurance Policy??

Have questions about the best no medical coverage? No medical life insurance is a product that many people are just learning about. What is it? No medical life insurance is a type of life insurance policy with no medical visits

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CIBC Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plan – How Does it Stack Up?

Being in the market for life insurance can be a very daunting prospect, particularly for someone who has been denied coverage in the past. There are many reasons that a life insurance company can deny a claim; age, illness, or

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High Risk Life Insurance Options

Young adults rarely understand the benefit of purchasing life insurance. This reluctance is completely understandable – life definitely trumps death, and in the eyes of the average young adult, death only happens to old people. It usually takes a significant,

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Empire Launches New Online Application

Back in 2000 only 51% of Canadians had Internet access, but as of 2011, that number has jumped up to almost 80%. In 2011, we also ranked the most amount of time spent online worldwide—45 hours a week! Many Canadians
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The Ins and Outs of Guaranteed Life Plus

It is not uncommon for people, especially as they get older and develop health issues, to have trouble getting accepted for life insurance. However, even if you have health issues you can still qualify. One option is the Guaranteed Life

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No Medical Life Insurance Brokers Find Insurance for Your Situation

A no medical life insurance policy is ideal for seniors or those close to retirement age. If there is a mortgage loan that remains unpaid and with many children choosing to remain at home with their parents, it is imperative
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