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burial insurance

burial insurance

What is Burial Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Your surviving loved ones will be responsible for carrying out your final wishes and its costs. What you can expect to have your family pay will depend completely upon how and where you wish to be buried. A casket alone will range between $300 to $3,000. Cremation urns, not including the cremation itself, will cost approximately $200 to $500. Cemetery lots will range around $3,000. These prices are only for your final resting location and “bed”. This does not include the cost of the funeral ceremony itself. Purchasing a seniors’ burial insurance policy is an important way to ensure that your loved ones do not have to bear the financial burden of your burial. Find out more about this insurance below.

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More about Burial Insurance

While a full life insurance policy allows your beneficiaries to continue their standard of living after your passing, seniors’ burial insurance is designed solely to cover final expenses. Taking the step to ensure money is in place to carry out your final wishes is a huge relief to those tasked with making sure you get the loving goodbye your friends and family know you deserve. In the midst of their sorrow and grief, this kind pre-planning action on your part will bring them a measure of relief. When you include the cost of the ceremony, obituaries, legal and any travel costs, it becomes easy to see how your own funeral can cost your loved ones thousands of dollars. This is why seniors’ burial insurance is so important. Seniors burial insurance is a small insurance policy that will give your chosen beneficiary/beneficiaries the money needed to pay your final expenses. Since the value of the policy is much lower than the value of a full life insurance package, the premiums you pay will be significantly lower and easy to manage. In many cases, these policies can be purchased without having to disclose your medical information. As these policies are geared towards an older generation, they are a simple and efficient to obtain final expense coverage.

What we can do for you

A seniors’ burial insurance policy is an affordable solution to insurance dilemmas as we accommodate those that have been excluded from standard life insurance policies. We make sure that you have peace of mind knowing your family will not have to carry the expense of your burial. Talk to our insurance advisors about how much coverage is needed for your personal seniors’ burial insurance policy. We will give you ideas of costs for your funeral and burial services. When the time comes, we will make sure that through you, your family has the finances needed to be able to properly carry out your final wishes.

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