Free Canadian No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

All options for Non Medical Life Insurance – Quotes, Rates, Tips

There are many different reasons why people opt for the no medical (also called guaranteed or simplified issue) insurance option. You should consider it if:

  • You have been declined insurance coverage in the past
  • You have a pre-existing health condition such as e.g. diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.
  • You do not want to take a medical exam or get a blood test
  • You prefer guaranteed acceptance for life insurance coverage
Please, choose from the options below the one, you are interested in. You are just a step away from getting an insurance protection you deserve.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

no medical exam life insurance quotes
  • Comes without a medical exam
  • Good option for seniors and people with pre-conditions
  • Can choose between simplified issue and guaranteed issue coverage types
  • Insurance quote can be requested online

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

no medical exam term life insurance quotes
  • Comes without a medical exam
  • Covers for a pre-determined period of time e.g. Term 20 covers for 20 years
  • Great as protection for particular situations e.g. while your mortgage is not fully paid off

Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance

  • Comes without medical tests
  • No medical life insurance also comes without any medical questions
  • Limited amount of coverage, but anybody can qualify, even with serious medical pre-conditions

Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness insurance

  • Comes without an exam
  • Comes without any medical questions
  • Can cover an extensive range of possible critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, bypass surgery, heart attacks, organ transplants, etc.
  • Various packages and rates are available

No Medical Cancer Insurance Quote

Cancer Insurance
  • Comes without a medical exam
  • In some cases, can come without a medical questionnaire, depending on your situation
  • Available for those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer or those who are still undergoing treatment

Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance

no medical disability insurance
  • Comes without an exam
  • Comes without any medical questions
  • Protects your income and pays for your expenses as long as you are disabled
  • Disability insurance coverage/ rate vary a lot among different providers

You are in a good physical and health shape? You might benefit from our other insurance products:

Traditional Term Life Insurance

  • Covers you for a set period of time
  • Offers the lowest life insurance rates
  • Purely a protection product
  • Good to cover a short-term or mid-term risk (e.g. mortgage)

Traditional Universal Life Insurance

  • Permanent life insurance protection
  • Combines both insurance and savings elements
  • You can adjust the level of insurance premiums
  • A good choice for those whose income and ability to pay insurance premiums varies from month to month

What you should know about getting a non medical insurance quote

Getting an insurance quote for no medical life insurance (or any other no medical insurance policy) works a bit differently than, let’s say, getting a simple car insurance policy.

Unlike auto insurance, that is very common and strictly regulated (and thus can be easily quoted online), a no medical life insurance policy requires a bit more assessment via an insurance broker to help you to find the best option. Normally, you would first fill out an online form to get an insurance quote. Then an experienced insurance broker, who is familiar with numerous insurers and their products, will contact you and help you through the whole process.

Sometimes you can buy a no medical insurance policy online from a bank or insurance company, but it will come with a higher rate and might not offer the best protection for your particular situation. By going directly to a bank or insurance company, you are limiting your options and, quite often, you end up overpaying.

Full list of insurance companies that we work with

The list of companies we work with includes ACA Assurance, Assumption Life, SSQ Group Insurance, Canada Life, Foresters, Desjardins, UL Mutual, Industrial Alliance, Equitable Life of Canada, La Capitale The EDGE, Medavie Blue Cross, BMO Insurance, Industrial Alliance Pacific, London Life, Standard Life, Reliable Life, Canada Protection Plan, Wawanesa Life, The Co-operators, Transamerica Life Canada, Great-West Life, RBC Insurance, Empire Life.