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Pre-existing conditions are an important piece of information for almost every insurance policy. In general, they refer to any sickness, injury, or medical condition for which the policy holder has previously consulted a physician, experienced symptoms, has visited the hospital about or was prescribed medications for within a certain period of time before the policy’s effective date of coverage. Common pre-existing conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. Pre-existing conditions are one of the major reasons why medical claims are rejected by insurance companies, largely because each company treats them differently. For example, some companies’ look-back period is just three months, while others is a year or even a lifetime.

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    It would be easy for anyone with a serious health precondition to assume that they would never qualify for life insurance due to their health condition, but that is not true. Even if you cannot get a traditional life insurance policy, some options are open to you.

    The risks and costs posed by pre-existing conditions means your insurer needs to know about any that you may have before they approve your application. While mentioning these conditions may increase the cost of your policy, declining to mention them can void the policy and lead to more serious situations between you and your insurance provider.

    Where to search for a professional advice

    Buying health insurance can be confusing at the best of times; doing so with pre-existing conditions can be overwhelming. It is important that you use an insurance broker to find the right policy. A broker will assess your needs and evaluate the available options to find the right policy for you, and give you choices that puts you in control of your insurance plan.

    Remember, timing can be important as well. If you are coming off a company group plan and have a pre-existing condition, you will want to act immediately to improve your chances of getting approved. If you have active pre-existing conditions, a broker may steer you towards a no-medical or guaranteed acceptance plan.

    Pre-existing conditions are important to disclose for travel insurance as well. While some travel insurance plans are for younger people on shorter trips, there are also policies for snowbirds, seniors, and those with pre-existing conditions.

    When looking for the right insurance policy for your needs, always use a broker that will look around and compare plans so you can get approved for the coverage you need, at the price you can afford.

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    If you are planning a vacation, your life insurance should be one of your top priorities. If you find that you are having problems qualifying for standard coverage, talk to us about seniors’ pre-existing condition insurance. It can be applied for without a medical examination or doctor’s visit. Find out more about this insurance below.

    More about seniors’ pre-existing condition insurance coverage

    When it comes to travelling, you want to know that your entire vacation will be enjoyable. If you contact an illness or have a medical emergency while on vacation without insurance coverage, you will quickly notice the alarming differences in health care fees outside of Canada. Travel insurance is purchased to ensure that any emergency expenses are covered. A medical emergency can easily cost over $5000 and many people do not have that in a holiday budget. As seniors, you have spent your entire life working and saving money to be able to enjoy your retirement and travel at will. It is disappointing to many to discover that after a lifetime of employment, they do not qualify for travel insurance because of a pre-existing medical issue. Do not let health problems stop you from following your dreams.

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    We are proud to be able to offer seniors’ pre-existing condition insurance to be able to cover your travel plans. A pre-existing medical condition is any condition that the policy owner has prior to and at the time of purchasing their insurance policy. If the condition is severe enough, the individual applying will be denied their life insurance policy. If it is moderate but still a risk, conditions may be added to their policy to exclude coverage related to any issues that arise that are related to their pre-existing medical issue. This is seen more often in seniors as health issues will become more common later on in life. If you take a vacation out of the country and a health concern arises, you want to be sure that no matter the issue, your travel insurance will take care of you.

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