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Seniors Life Insurance

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Quote example: 67, female, non-smoker, Term 10 policy, $100,000 coverage Estimated monthly rate: $74.97

Life Insurance and Heart Attack

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Quote example: 45, male, non-smoker, heart attack 4 years ago, stable condition, Term 20 policy, $200,000 coverage Estimated monthly rate: $103.64

Life Insurance and Diabetes

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Quote example: 35, female, non-smoker, diabetes type II, non-insulin-dependent Term 20 policy, $500,000 coverage Estimated monthly rate: $51.60

Life Insurance and Cancer

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Quote example: 55, male, non-smoker, diagnosed with skin cancer 5 years ago, stable condition, Term 20 policy, $200,000 coverage Estimated monthly rate: $179.05

Looking for life insurance with a pre-existing condition? We can help!

When do you need to consider No Medical Insurance?

Not everybody can qualify for traditional insurance products in Canada, such as life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance; but don’t worry – that’s where a relatively new insurance product called no medical insurance comes in. It is a special insurance policy that is unlike traditional (aka standard) insurance products. No medical insurance policies are issued without a medical exam. Some policy types could be also available without any health-related questions. It means that it is much easier to qualify for this insurance and get necessary protection.  

Reasons for looking into no medical insurance can vary, from being in poor health to having existing medical pre-conditions (such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.). A no medical life insurance policy is also a good solution for seniors who have trouble getting traditional insurance coverage due to their age or any age-related illness they may have.  

Given its specific nature, costs for this type of policy can vary significantly across insurance providers – even more significantly than the difference in costs for traditional life, disability and critical illness coverage.  

Some life insurers in Canada have areas of expertise; for example, extensive experience in insurance quotes and selling policies (also called underwriting) to people with a history of heart disease or heart attacks, or selling to those that have a diabetes pre-condition. Others may focus more on the best protection packages for seniors.  

Our key objective is help you navigate across the many questions and options you have, and to get you the best policy while minimizing your insurance rates.

What Do Our Clients Say…

What Do Our Clients Say…
Wade Rumbolt
… When my wife passed away I contacted your office and you treated my claim as a top priority. You returned my call immediately to get the claim process started …
Maher and Salwa Rizkalla
… We have been your clients for over nine years, and we have always found your team very responsive to all our insurance and financial needs…
Adele Speers
… Going through Jack Bendahan helped me understand what Life Insurance really means for my family - Security and Trust…
Lewis Lee
… Your service has been outstanding and you helping me get an exceptional rate on my life insurance. I look forward to working with you in the future.…
Mario Mavrides
… Your approach is straightforward and is time friendly. It's a great feeling to know I have first rate professionals looking after my insurance…

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