Life Insurance for People with HIV or AIDS – No Medical Exam or Health Questions


Not sure if you can get a life insurance with HIV / AIDS?

It would be easy for anyone with HIV or AIDS to assume that they would never qualify for life insurance due to their health circumstances, but that is far from the real story.

Applicants with HIV or AIDS can qualify using the following options:

  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance asks no health questions and has no medical tests. The premiums on these policies generally quote high and the face amounts are limited.
  • Simplified Issue Coverage also has no medical tests and generally anywhere from three to 12 health questions can be available depending on how long ago applicant was diagnosed and the type of treatment he or she is receiving. We work with 20 various insurance companies to find the best insurance option for you. Find out more about your options below.

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    Examples of life insurance policies offered by different insurers for people with HIV

    Below you’ll find the wording on three leading simplified issue applications for people with HIV and/or AIDS.

    • Assumption Life’s Golden Protection, which offers coverage from day one. The question reads as follows: “Within the past five years, has the insured tested positive for HIV or undergone treatment (including medication) for AIDS, AIDS – related complex or any other immune system disorder.”
    • Canada Protection Plan’s Deferred Life – This policy has a limited death-benefit in the first two years to a return-of-premium plus interest and non-accidental death. The question reads: “Within the past three years, has the insured been treated for unusual chronic infection or immune system abnormality, including HIV or AIDS.”
    • Canada Protection Plan’s Deferred Term – This policy offers face amount as high as $100,000, but the death benefit is limited to a return-of-premium plus interest in the first two policy years. The question reads as following: “Within the past three years, has the insured been diagnosed or started treatment for an unusual chronic infection or immune system abnormality including HIV and/or AIDS.”
    Our insurance advisors will assist you with finding the best insurance option as we work with more than 20 insurance companies. We look forward to hearing from you – simply complete the form above.

    Full list of insurance companies that we work with

    Assumption life SSQ Financial Group Canada Life Industrial Alliance Equitable life IA Excellence The edge Foresters Desjardins Western Empire life BMO Iavari RBC Insurance La Capitale Canada Protection Plan Wawanesa Life Humania