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Critical Illness Insurance for Senior Citizens: How Much is it and What Should You Know?

Critical Illness Insurance for Senior Citizens

Why is Critical Illness Insurance Important for Seniors? As we age, the likelihood of confronting a critical illness increases significantly, making senior citizens far more susceptible to serious health challenges than their younger counterparts. Compounding this vulnerability, many seniors find

Cheap Life Insurance: Which One is the Cheapest and How to Get It

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Life Insurance during and after the pandemic Life insurance has always been a part of life for many Canadians, either in the form of an individual life insurance policy, a group life insurance policy, or as mortgage life insurance. The

Dangerous Jobs and Life Insurance: What You Must Know?

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You know that protecting your family with life insurance is a smart move, but what if you have a career that makes underwriters view you as risky to insure? Some of the most rewarding careers are the riskiest, but there

How to Choose the Right Life Insurance – Visual Decision Help

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When insurers sell a policy, they always assess risks associated with that policy. Those with lower risks (e.g. younger person, no bad habits, no health pre-conditions) get life insurance rates that are typically lower than those with a history of

Life Insurance Companies in Canada – Who Owns Whom

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The variety of life insurance companies in Canada is not what it appears to be in the Canadian market. From a consumer perspective, there are nearly 50 life and health insurance providers, but the reality is a bit different… (scroll

No Medical Life Insurance: 22 Tips to Get the Best Rate

No Medical Life Insurance: 22 Tips to Get the Best Rate

No medical life insurance is viable life insurance option for those who either cannot qualify for standard insurance or those who prefer to skip the medical exam, which is an inescapable part of any traditional life insurance assessment. No medical

Term Life, Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance Explained

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There is always some confusion among term, whole and universal life insurance. All these insurance types are normally offered by insurance companies and insurance brokers, but how do they differ from each other? We will clarify the differences in this

Life Insurance for People with Cancer – Rate Comparison

Life Insurance for People with Cancer – Rate Comparison

The topic of cancer and life insurance is not an easy one. Cancer is a disease that falls into the category of critical illness, so all insurers treat it as a higher risk. If you were diagnosed with cancer or

Life Insurance for Parkinson’s Patients – Key Things to Know

Life Insurance for Parkinsons Patients - InsurEye

Despite many people’s best intentions, they put off getting life insurance. Sometimes it’s the thought of their own death or disability that disturbs them, other times it’s just a convenient thing to push to the back burner. After all, what

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Life Insurance No Medical – 20 Ways to Reduce Its Cost

Life Insurance No Medical - 20 Ways to Reduce Its Cost

Insurance websites offer numerous articles about ways to reduce your life insurance costs, but there is a particular category of people who cannot use many of these tips since the only policies they qualify for are life insurance no medical

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