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Life Insurance for People with Cancer – Rate Comparison

Life Insurance for People with Cancer – Rate Comparison

The topic of cancer and life insurance is not an easy one. Cancer is a disease that falls into the category of critical illness, so all insurers treat it as a higher risk. If you were diagnosed with cancer or

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Had Breast Cancer?

Some survivors of breast cancer worry that they may not be able to qualify for life insurance. Discussed are several factors that will impact the decision on if an applicant with a history of breast cancer will be approved for

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Five Cancer Fighting Foods

Five cancer fighting foods

What is cancer? Simply put, cancer happens when cells abnormally divide and grow in an uncontrollable manner. It’s a cellular malfunction. There are several different types of cancer, each with a unique set of parameters and challenges. Few things are

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What you need to Know about Life Insurance and Prostate Cancer in Canada

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About Prostate Cancer While there are many different forms of cancer that Canadians need to be aware of and take preventative actions against, there is one form of cancer that is extremely important for men in Canada to be conscious

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