Can You Get Life Insurance If You Had Breast Cancer?

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Had Breast Cancer?

Some survivors of breast cancer worry that they may not be able to qualify for life insurance. Discussed are several factors that will impact the decision on if an applicant with a history of breast cancer will be approved for a life insurance policy.
Cancer is a very serious illness. Many people who have survived cancer have gone on to live full lives. Even so, you may find it difficult to obtain an affordable life insurance policy when a brush with cancer is on your medical record. You don’t have to give up hope, you can still get a life insurance policy if you shop around. The chances of your application being approved depend on several factors.

How Long Ago Did You Have Cancer?

Insurance underwriters will take into consideration the length of time since you had cancer in their decision to cover you. They know that there is a possibility that the cancer could come back. You may have to wait anywhere from one year up to 10 years cancer free to have your application approved by an insurance company. The length of time they consider satisfactory depends on another factor: the severity of the cancer when you were diagnosed.

How Severe Was the Cancer?

The severity of the cancer is another major determining factor in if you will be approved and how expensive your premiums will be. This is why early detection and regular medical check-ups are important. You will have a much better chance of being approved after a shorter wait time if you caught the disease in stage 0 or stage 1 as opposed to in the advanced stages 3 or 4. The more advanced the cancer the more money you will have to pay in premiums and the longer you will have to wait to be approved for a policy.

How Did Your Doctor Treat Your Cancer?

The treatment plan that was used to battle your cancer may be discussed with you when you are applying for a policy. Some treatments for cancer are more effective than others. This may come up during the application process.

How Often Do You Get Tested?

Your underwriter may want to know how often you currently visit your doctor for check-ups and to be tested for cancer. The more diligent you are about attending appointments and keeping on top of your health, the better it will be for you in obtaining a policy.

Try Term Life Insurance

If you have had breast cancer, a great option for you may be to go for a term life insurance policy. There are many companies that offer guaranteed acceptance and they don’t even require a medical examination or review of your medical history to qualify. This is a great option for people who have survived cancer and want to obtain life insurance to leave a legacy to their loved ones when they eventually do pass on.

Having cancer is an incredibly scary and humbling situation. After you beat it, you fear you may not be able to leave a legacy behind for your family because you won’t be approved for a life insurance policy because of it. In some cases people who have survived breast cancer can be approved for life insurance depending on how long they have been cancer-free, how advanced their cancer was when diagnosed, their treatment plan and continued commitment to maintaining their health all are factors that will determine if you are approved for a policy after breast cancer.

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