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No Medical Disability Insurance in Canada: 4 Things to Know


When you think about life insurance, you often think of the benefit your family receives if you pass away. However, life insurance covers far more risks than death. Disability is actually a greater risk than death for the average, healthy,

No Medical Life Insurance vs Traditional Life Insurance Rates

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The term “no medical life insurance” has been floating around for some time now. Many are aware that it exists but are not sure of what it comprises. Today we will break down the ins and out of no medical

Lorne Marr Shares 5 Essential No Medical Life Insurance Tips

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When it comes to finding life insurance that fits your needs, it is a matter of knowing where to shop around, knowing what to look for and how to navigate the world of life insurance. Let me, Lorne Marr, help

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How long has your insurance company been in business?

The need for insurance in Canada became apparent quite early, with many companies developing their Canadian-style branches in the mid-1800s. Companies that are starting up nowadays are trying to fit into this sector whilst competing with already established businesses, so

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Everything You Need to Know About Ecig Joints

Full disclosure An insurance policy is a legal contract – when you enter into an insurance agreement, there are many disclosures involved, on your part and the insurer’s, as part of the policy and claim. It is prudent that you

Six Unbelievable Insurance Policies That Actually Exist

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Life isn’t for the faint of heart, with its unpredictability, natural disasters, and having to allow others to have their boundaries and opinions instead of just agreeing with us all the time, but thankfully we humans have adapted and put

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Humania Provides Insurance Options For Those With Limited Options

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Humania is a modern day life insurance provider that has a century of experience in a competitive market. Rising from humble begins in 1874, Humania started out as a fraternal benefit society established to provide financial support for widows and

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How Drug Use Impacts Life Insurance

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Insurance is a risk-averse business, and doing drugs can make it hard for people to find insurance coverage. On most insurance applications, applicants are asked if they have consumed illicit substances within the past 12 months, and whether the person

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Who Has the Best No Medical Life Insurance Policy??

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Have questions about the best no medical coverage? No medical life insurance is a product that many people are just learning about. What is it? No medical life insurance is a type of life insurance policy with no medical visits

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The Tax Benefits of Life Insurance

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What does a consumer get when they invite a life insurance broker over for coffee? Well, that depends on how he feels about his life insurance broker. The harsh reality is that when the average person hears the words life

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