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Should Young People Buy Life Insurance?

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Why Younger Is Better When it Comes to Life Insurance It may have seemed unfair of George Bernard Shaw to coin the saying, “youth is wasted on the young,” but just ask any person over 50 years old, and they

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Top 10 Most Common Diseases and Their Impact on Life Insurance

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Life insurance companies are all about managing risk. All life insurance premiums are based on actuarial tables designed to determine how much of a risk each illness or life style choice will lead to an early death. Many people already

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Insurance Solutions for People Who Have Been Declined

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There is little doubt that life insurance remains one of life’s reluctant purchases. It is often not until a person settles down and starts a family that he realizes that the value of his life also has an equivalent cash

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Heart Disease and Life Insurance

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In the early 1900’s, the leading causes of death in Canada were infectious diseases like cholera and smallpox. But due to the advances in immunization and public health these diseases were almost completely eradicated.

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CIBC Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plan – How Does it Stack Up?

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Being in the market for life insurance can be a very daunting prospect, particularly for someone who has been denied coverage in the past. There are many reasons that a life insurance company can deny a claim; age, illness, or

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High Risk Life Insurance Options

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Young adults rarely understand the benefit of purchasing life insurance. This reluctance is completely understandable – life definitely trumps death, and in the eyes of the average young adult, death only happens to old people. It usually takes a significant,

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Empire Launches New Online Application

A computer mouse and a key Back in 2000, only 51% of Canadians had Internet access, but as of 2011, that number has jumped up to almost 80%. In 2011, we also ranked the most amount of time spent online worldwide-45 hours a week! Many Canadians
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The Ins and Outs of Guaranteed Life Plus

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It is not uncommon for people, especially as they get older and develop health issues, to have trouble getting accepted for life insurance. However, even if you have health issues you can still qualify. One option is the Guaranteed Life

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No Medical Life Insurance – How is this possible

Wondering How Companies Can Offer No-Medical Insurance? One of the questions that people tend to ask a lot is: No medical life insurance – how is this possible? Insurance is a risk-adverse business, so how are companies able to offer

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What you need to Know about Life Insurance and Prostate Cancer in Canada

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About Prostate Cancer While there are many different forms of cancer that Canadians need to be aware of and take preventative actions against, there is one form of cancer that is extremely important for men in Canada to be conscious

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