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Life Insurance After Heart Attack | Cost and Things to Know

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While there are many reasons someone could suffer a heart attack – inherited heart disease, smoking, unhealthy eating or lifestyle, high levels of stress – one thing is common: a heart attack is a terrifying experience not only for the

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Top 10 Most Common Diseases and Their Impact on Life Insurance

Life insurance companies are all about managing risk. All life insurance premiums are based on actuarial tables designed to determine how much of a risk each illness or life style choice will lead to an early death. Many people already

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Heart Disease and Life Insurance

In the early 1900’s, the leading causes of death in Canada were infectious diseases like cholera and smallpox. But due to the advances in immunization and public health these diseases were almost completely eradicated by the 1950’s. Nowadays, the leading

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Life Insurance for Heart Attack Patients

One of the most eye opening health scares is a heart attack. They are scary and people rarely see them coming. They can happen at any time to anyone, especially if you have not been going for regular medical check-ups.

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If You Don’t Want to Have a Heart Attack, Stay Away From Chicago

Turns out, living in Chicago will increase your likelihood of a heart attack — and it’s not because of the famous deep dish pizza. According to Mercola and an article published by Scientific American, Chicago isn’t just one of the

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