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How Drug Use Impacts Life Insurance

Insurance is a risk adverse business, and doing drugs can make it hard for people to find insurance coverage. On most insurance applications, applicants are asked if they have consumed illicit substances within the past 12 months, and whether the

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Getting a Life Insurance Quote Does Marijuana Affect Cost

What would happen if you applied for life insurance and made a false statement on the application? What would happen if you got life insurance and marijuana use was a common practice that you did not disclose?

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Why Insurance Companies Hate Smokers

A study from the University of Toronto found that those who’ve never smoked live, on average, a full decade longer than lifetime smokers. However, there was also good news for smokers in the same study: those who quit smoking by

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Drug Use and Life Insurance

Drug use has gone down in Canada. According to the CBC, about 11 per cent of the Canadian population uses drugs. The most prevalent drug used outside of alcohol is cannabis, as 39 per cent of Canadians have used cannabis in

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No Medical Life Insurance: Smokers vs. Non-Smokers

When most people hear the words  “No Medical Life Insurance” they often assume that there are never any health questions required to qualify on any policy branded that way. In actual fact, No Medical Life Insurance policies can be broken

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Smoking and Life Insurance: Points to Consider

We parse out the difference between smoking and non-smoking rates. Most insurance companies require an applicant to be tobacco free for 12 months before they qualify for non-smoker rates. To qualify for preferred rates, (which are further discounted rates given

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Cocaine Use and Life Insurance

Cocaine and crack are the second most prevalent illicit drug, behind cannabis, used by Canadians 15 and older, according to the RCMP’s Canadian Addiction Survey Unfortunately, applicants who have a history of past drug use, including hard drugs such as

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