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Life Insurance in Toronto: Which Broker is Best?

Which broker is best? is a bit of a loaded question, especially since it’s so hard to determine what particular talent makes a broker the best at life insurance in Toronto. Are they the best at making money? Do they

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Life Insurance for Seniors: What Company is Best?

It’s a common misconception, but life insurance for seniors is not as limited as you may think. the reality is, the options are plentiful when discussing life insurance for seniors, but it’s just a matter of knowing where to look

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La Capitale: The Affirmative Simplified Issue Plan

Contact your insurance broker about La Capitale’s Affirmative Simplified Issue Plan La Capitale is offering The Affirmative Simplified Issue Plan. The plan has no medical tests and four health questions, but within those health questions are several sub-level questions. The

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BMO Guaranteed Life Plus Vs. RBC Guaranteed Acceptence Life

RBC and BMO have almost identical guaranteed issue plans. BMO Insurance and RBC Insurance are battling it out with independent brokers for a share of Canada’s guaranteed issue marketplace. These policies, generally used to fund final expenses, are an after

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Foresters’ Easy Term: A Hidden Gem

Foresters‘ Easy Term plan offers a unique solution for clients who like to travel to otherwise uninsurable locations. Applicants can qualify for up to $250,000 in coverage with no medical tests. The plan is renewable and convertible. The policy does
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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance: BMO Insurance versus Manulife Financial

Two of the leading direct suppliers of guaranteed issue life insurance in Canada are BMO Insurance and Manulife Financial. Both guaranteed issue plans are available via the suppliers’ respective websites and call centres, but they are not available via their

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No Medical Life Insurance: Comparing the Top Companies

Three of the top no-medical life insurance providers in Canada are Canada Protection Plan (underwritten by Foresters Life Insurance Company), Assumption Life, and Industrial Alliance.

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Desjardins Insurance 50+ Life No Medical Life Insurance Plan

If your bedridden, you won’t qualify for this policy. Desjardins offers a simplified issue permanent life insurance policy called 50+ Life Insurance. The policy has no medical tests, but does have a few health questions. If you’re a Canadian resident

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No Medical Whole Life Insurance

No medical tests necessary for Canada Protection Plan’s Whole Life Policies.Canada Protection Plan offers four separate no medical whole life Insurance plans.

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Assumption Life: Total Protection No Medical Life Insurance Plans

Assumption Life Is a leading provider of no medical life insurance. They have a variety of plans available without a medical. Assumption Life’s Flex Term plans have no medical tests, but have a full range of health questions similar to

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