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Should I Get a Cancer Insurance Quote

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There are some health issues that not everyone thinks to insure against. Cancer, though it is estimated that two in five Canadians will develop the disease at some point in their life, is one of those issues. Cancer is all

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Cancer Insurance: You Need To Know What’s Out There

cancer insurance coverage    Cancer is one of those things that nobody wants to think about. Just like most tragic things in life, we all tell ourselves that it won’t happen to us; but unfortunately, that is not a realistic
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Getting a Life Insurance Quote Does Marijuana Affect Cost

What would happen if you applied for life insurance and made a false statement on the application? What would happen if you got life insurance and marijuana use was a common practice that you did not disclose?

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Questions and Considerations for Obtaining Life Insurance for High Risk Occupations

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Would a skydiver, bungee jumper or member of a bomb squad obtain life insurance? Very likely, yes. That is because some insurance companies specialize in life insurance for high risk occupations which could end with the worker being injured on

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What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance in Canada

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Life insurance is one of those things you know you need, but may be putting off for several reasons. Perhaps you find the terms confusing or think you can’t afford coverage. Maybe you feel you will be denied because of

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No Medical Disability Insurance Completes Your Coverage


There are many different options for insurance and no medical disability insurance is one of them. What is this and why do you need it?

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Why Critical Illness Insurance is Important

A female dotor You have worked hard to build a fantastic life for yourself, but what is that life worth if you don’t protect it? Your financial advisor has likely given you several pieces of advice that will help you keep your future.
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Life Insurance for the Sick is a Reality

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Did you know that only two thirds of Canadians have life insurance? Among the reasons why some Canadians are uninsured is the thought that there is no life insurance for the sick. Life insurance companies only underwrite healthy people because

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No Medical Disability Insurance: What to look Out For

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No medical disability insurance has no medical tests. Disability insurance can be confusing for people who haven’t had time to look into all the different types of insurances. You may be questioning how does disability insurance work because it can

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Top Reasons Why a Life Insurance Application is Declined

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According to Michael Taylor, vice president of sales at Hunter McCorquodale about 5% of all life insurance applications are declined in Canada each year. This equates to roughly 35,000 decline policies.

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