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8 Reasons Why Your Insurance Claim Will Get Declined

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You buy life insurance for the purpose of making sure that there’s something sufficient left for your family in the case that you won’t be there. After all, for the monthly premiums you pay, you deserve something out of it.

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Top 5 Silent Killers

Photo by Bernard Goldbach You never saw it coming. You’re an ordinary, happy-go-lucky soul who juggles life and work and enjoys exercising as much as the other person. You’re not scared of those annual health check-ups, in fact, your doctor

Six Unbelievable Insurance Policies That Actually Exist

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Life isn’t for the faint of heart, with its unpredictability, natural disasters, and having to allow others to have their boundaries and opinions instead of just agreeing with us all the time, but thankfully we humans have adapted and put

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How Drug Use Impacts Life Insurance

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Insurance is a risk-averse business, and doing drugs can make it hard for people to find insurance coverage. On most insurance applications, applicants are asked if they have consumed illicit substances within the past 12 months, and whether the person

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The Tax Benefits of Life Insurance

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What does a consumer get when they invite a life insurance broker over for coffee? Well, that depends on how he feels about his life insurance broker. The harsh reality is that when the average person hears the words life

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Should Young People Buy Life Insurance?

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Why Younger Is Better When it Comes to Life Insurance It may have seemed unfair of George Bernard Shaw to coin the saying, “youth is wasted on the young,” but just ask any person over 50 years old, and they

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Top 10 Most Common Diseases and Their Impact on Life Insurance

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Life insurance companies are all about managing risk. All life insurance premiums are based on actuarial tables designed to determine how much of a risk each illness or life style choice will lead to an early death. Many people already

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Heart Disease and Life Insurance

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In the early 1900’s, the leading causes of death in Canada were infectious diseases like cholera and smallpox. But due to the advances in immunization and public health these diseases were almost completely eradicated.

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No Medical Term Life Insurance: The Best Option for Excellent Customer Service

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Here at No Medical Life Insurance, we don’t just provide you with one option for life insurance coverage; we are partnered with several life insurance providers, all of whom have different package options and different areas of interest and specialization.

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Life Insurance for Heart Attack Patients

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One of the most eye opening health scares is a heart attack. They are scary and people rarely see them coming. They can happen at any time to anyone, especially if you have not been going for regular medical check-ups.

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