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Funeral Insurance in Canada: 5 Things You Must Know

Funeral Insurance in Canada: 5 Things You Must Know

With age comes wisdom and an acceptance that life is finite. As seniors enter their golden years, many reflect on their life and the legacy they wish to leave behind. Many also realize end-of-life costs, especially funerals, can cause a

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Life Insurance After Heart Attack | Cost and Things to Know

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While there are many reasons someone could suffer a heart attack – inherited heart disease, smoking, unhealthy eating or lifestyle, high levels of stress – one thing is common: a heart attack is a terrifying experience not only for the

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Life Insurance for Diabetes Patients – Rates Comparison

life insurance for diabetes - rates - featured

Hearing that you have diabetes is stressful. The thought of injecting insulin and radically altering your diet can be overwhelming. On top of that, diabetes can be an expensive condition to live with as insulin prices are extremely high! This

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INFOGRAPHIC: Term Vs. Permanent Life Insurance

Here’s an infographic breaking down the differences between Term and Permanent Life Insurance.  Which one suits your needs?

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Can You Get Life Insurance If You Had Breast Cancer?

Some survivors of breast cancer worry that they may not be able to qualify for life insurance. Discussed are several factors that will impact the decision on if an applicant with a history of breast cancer will be approved for

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Seniors Life Insurance – Should I Buy Direct?

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One reality of life is that people don’t stay young forever. It is better to be safe than sorry and make sure you are prepared for whatever happens in the future, regardless of the status of your health. That is

Who Needs Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance in Canada

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Who Needs Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance in Canada Investing in a comprehensive life insurance plan could be one of the best things you do for your family. Unfortunately, as life gets busier, it is easy to overlook the need for

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50 Plus Life Insurance You Do Have Options

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When you were in your late 20s and early 30s, your life insurance needs took top priority. After all, should anything have happened to you, you had young children to think about, a spouse that needed financial support and a

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Final Expense Life Insurance Companies

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Making sure that your family is taken care of when you pass away is very important to people. Most want to make sure that their funeral is taken care of so that the burden is not left to their family.

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Seniors Term Insurance Perfect For Short Term

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It is important for every individual to invest in life insurance, but it is even more important for those who are in a higher age category, as they are more susceptible to factors such as illness and possible death. Seniors’

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