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Diving Into Life Insurance

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Life is filled with risks. Some of these risks end up becoming everyday occurrences such as crossing the street at a busy intersection. Certainly, a person could get hit by a car, but several safety factors have been put into

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How To Get No Medical Life Insurance In Canada

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The truth is, life insurance in Canada is a value form of protection, especially if you have medical issues or your family is predisposed to certain illnesses. If this is you, then No medical life insurance in Canada might be

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Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam Facts

Life insurance with no medical exam

One of the ways to look at this issue, now slowly disappearing into the past due to the appearance of insurance brokers such as NoMedicalLifeInsurance, is through statistics. The pre-existing conditions to bar someone from obtaining life insurance without a

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Coverage Without a Doctor’s Note: No Medical Test Life Insurance

Picture of a doctor examining a patient

The majority of life insurance providers, NoMedicalLifeInsurance.ca aside, require their potential policy holder to undergo a minimum of one medical examination prior to being approved for life insurance coverage. This medical examination not only determines the applicant’s insurability but also

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What You Need To Know About No Medical Life Insurance

Rejected sign

“Coverage denied”. It’s something that many people fear hearing when applying for life insurance. That due to a medical condition, or family history that may not be perfect, the insurance company has denied coverage or if they do offer it,

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Life Insurance without Medical Exams: Not Just for People Who Were Denied Coverage

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Most people don’t start thinking about things like life insurance until they get a little older. When you are young, you are focused on having fun and going to school. When you first start working, you are focused on building

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Declined for Life Insurance? Now What?

Life insurance denied sign

Life insurance is something that people generally start to think about when they start a family or later on in life. Once you start a family, buy a house and establish yourself in your career, people then start to think

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Questions and Considerations for Obtaining Life Insurance for High Risk Occupations

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Would a skydiver, bungee jumper or member of a bomb squad obtain life insurance? Very likely, yes. That is because some insurance companies specialize in life insurance for high risk occupations which could end with the worker being injured on

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Seniors Whole Life Insurance

Four elderly people smiling and showing "like" sign

Seniors Whole Life Insurance offers lifetime life insurance protection for seniors. Unlike term insurance, which only covers you for a stated term, such as ten, 15, 20 or 30 years, whole life insurance covers you for your entire life and

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Seniors Term Insurance

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Term insurance could be a good short-term solution. Seniors Term Insurance is term life insurance marketed directly to seniors usually as a means of covering final expenses. However, term insurance only covers you for a stated term and duration. It

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