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Final Expenses Insurance

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Burial insurance is also known as pre-need or final expenses insurance and is meant to cover final expenses when the policyholder passes away. Most final expenses insurance policies offer coverage amounts between $5,000 and $25,000. For many it’s vital that

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Life Insurance for Seniors in Canada

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Different laws, guidelines, and life expectancies mean that life insurance policies are different for each country. For example, someone from the UK may find it easier to get an amazing policy thanks to sites like, whereas an American might

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Life Insurance for Seniors: What Company is Best?

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It’s a common misconception, but life insurance for seniors is not as limited as you may think. the reality is, the options are plentiful when discussing life insurance for seniors, but it’s just a matter of knowing where to look

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No Medical Disability Insurance: What to look Out For

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No medical disability insurance has no medical tests. Disability insurance can be confusing for people who haven’t had time to look into all the different types of insurances. You may be questioning how does disability insurance work because it can

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Term Insurance for Unhealthy Canadians

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You can still get term insurance if you’re unhealthy. Many brokers used to steer clear of unhealthy clients. The reason for this avoidance was twofold:

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Top Reasons Why a Life Insurance Application is Declined

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According to Michael Taylor, vice president of sales at Hunter McCorquodale about 5% of all life insurance applications are declined in Canada each year. This equates to roughly 35,000 decline policies.

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Why Insurance Companies Hate Smokers

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A study from the University of Toronto found that those who’ve never smoked live, on average, a full decade longer than lifetime smokers. However, there was also good news for smokers in the same study: those who quit smoking by

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Simplified Issue Crititical Illness Term 10 Coverage

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La Capitale offers a simplified issue critical illness term 10 policy called Second Chance. The policy is available to applicants aged 18 to 60 and is available in face amounts of $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000. The premiums are level for

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La Capitale: The Affirmative Simplified Issue Plan

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Contact your insurance broker about La Capitale’s Affirmative Simplified Issue Plan La Capitale is offering The Affirmative Simplified Issue Plan. The plan has no medical tests and four health questions, but within those health questions are several sub-level questions. The

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of No Medical Life Insurance

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No-medical life insurance in Canada has seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years, but how many insurance advisors and consumers really understand the pros and cons of this type of coverage? We lay out five advantages and disadvantages just

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