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Life Insurance and Senior Preparedness

A survey commissioned and released in April 2013 by The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) and conducted by Leger Marketing, found that a large majority of older Canadians would not be able to afford the high costs of

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Permanent Life Insurance for Seniors in Canada

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Permanent life insurance policies for seniors in Canada come in three distinct varieties. The first type of permanent life insurance policy for seniors in Canada is a term 100 insurance. This type of policy provides fixed premiums and lifetime protection.

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Life Insurance for Seniors in Canada

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Different laws, guidelines, and life expectancies mean that life insurance policies are different for each country. For example, someone from the UK may find it easier to get an amazing policy thanks to sites like https://discountlifecover.co.uk/, whereas an American might

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No Medical Life Insurance: Comparing the Top Companies

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Three of the top no-medical life insurance providers in Canada are Canada Protection Plan (underwritten by Foresters Life Insurance Company), Assumption Life, and Industrial Alliance.

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No Medical Whole Life Insurance

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No medical tests necessary for Canada Protection Plan’s Whole Life Policies.Canada Protection Plan offers four separate no medical whole life Insurance plans.

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Life Insurance and Funeral Costs

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Looking for a way to cover final expenses? Funeral insurance maybe the answer. Proceeds are paid out tax free in a lump sum. The Industrial Alliance website breaks down the cost of Funeral Expenses and related expenses. It reveals that

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