Life Insurance With No Medical Tests Are Available

Life Insurance With No Medical Tests

For decades, those with pre-existing health conditions, those of advanced years, and those with complicated personal medical histories have been largely excluded from even the possibility of clearly and directly discussing life insurance in Canada. A person falling into any of these categories, upon approaching any insurance services provider, immediately drew raised eyebrows and reluctance to talk business. The usual question was: “How do you expect to pass a medical exam?” Life insurance with no medical tests involved was fiction. Thankfully, it is now reality.

Importantly, the phrases ‘pre-existing health conditions’ and ‘complicated medical histories’ always could (and still can) mean practically anything in the trained hands of an insurance broker. Hence, until recently, almost anyone could be rejected life insurance coverage. Some of the reasons for such rejection have been cancer, stroke, alcohol and drug abuse, and diabetes. While people with such medical history can now obtain life insurance with no medical tests, it is worthwhile to analyze the shaky argument against providing them with life insurance coverage in the past.

One of the most straightforward ways of determining whether a particular reason for blocking people from this important service holds water or not is using statistics. Statistics are readily available on the international, national, provincial and territorial, and municipal levels that would make it possible to determine the prevalence of particular conditions and the growth trends in regards to these conditions. After examining these statistics, it is quite easy to see there is no good reason to block access to getting life insurance quotes with no medical tests. The available statistics strongly refutes the very idea of singling out cancer patients and those with cardiovascular problems.

Disallowing those diagnosed with cancer (even after they had recovered) to receive life insurance is nothing more than a disgrace. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, Over 187,000 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in Canada this year. Moreover, this reputable organization notes that about two fifths of our country’s population would develop some form of cancer during their lifetimes. Does this mean that 40 per cent of Canadians are to be barred from obtaining life insurance? No, thanks to the new opportunity of getting life insurance with no medical tests involved.
Heart failure and stroke are among the most common health crises faced by thousands of Canadians every year.

The increasing importance of such organizations as the Heart & Stroke Foundation underlines the fact that these problems are widespread. They cannot be relevant to deciding whether life insurance can be granted to a person. The case for blocking life insurance access to those with diabetes, obesity, or alcohol abuse does not withstand facts either. Thousands of Canadians go through these health and life issues at some point, many overcome these problems with flying colors, but still face an unfair and difficult position of insurance brokers. After years of complaints and calls for the situation to be changed, progress is now evident. specializes in helping these and other Canadians to quickly find life insurance with no medical examination requirements.

NoMedicalLifeInsurance is not a simple insurance broker. They do not just provide life insurance with no medical tests or examinations – they do so carefully and having researched the best options for their customers.

However you look at it, NoMedicalLifeInsurance stands out from anything resembling competition through being open to any client and taking pride in dealing with the most intricate and delicate situations with professionalism and vigor. These are the true experts in getting to the bottom of the finest details in order to ensure that clients receive the best deal possible every time.

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    In the US there are several insurers offering no exam life insurance plans, too. In fact one insurer rated “A” Excellent for financial strength offers up to $350,000 of term life insurance with no exam for people ages 60 and under. And, if approved, you can start your life insurance coverage today.