Life Insurance With No Medical Tests: It’s Here

No Medical Life Insurance
What makes NoMedicalLifeInsurance’s approach different? Well, it is actually the entire package. Whereas ‘regular’ insurance brokers have been taking it upon themselves for many years to spontaneously decide that an extra factor should make it impossible to obtain life insurance coverage, period, these guys focus on finding a solution that works for each individual customer. That includes options for life insurance with no medical tests.

Those ‘regular’ insurance services providers mentioned above have had it rather easy for years when it came to deciding, sometimes at the spur of the moment, that a certain ‘pre-existing condition’ or ‘medical history’ made one ineligible for life insurance with no medical. The list of conditions and histories that eventually made up the list going around the industry was quite lengthy and very unrealistic when it comes to Canadian population illness patterns of the past decades.

One of the conditions that made it difficult to obtain life insurance with no medical tests (and often even with them) is cancer. Any form of cancer. Given that cancerous cells can appear in up to 40% of Canadians at some point during their lifetimes, and sometimes more than once, it appears that excluding current and former cancer patients from getting life insurance coverage is either outdated or simply ridiculous. Or both. If the policies regulating the ‘list of exclusions and exceptions’ were started half a century ago, when cancer research and studies were still in their early stages, then certainly it is high time for an update, don’t you think? If the exclusion is simply an easy way out of dealing with complex situations, then perhaps the insurance industry should try and get back to its roots – helping people build a basis of safety and stability for their families, no matter what.

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation spends a lot of time and effort talking to people, organizations and governments about the growing danger that cardiovascular diseases pose to our society, our economy and our way of life. The prevalence of these diseases and conditions throughout the population do not allow for them to be swept under the rug or considered ‘unlucky exceptions’. If Canadians were, as a rule, extremely healthy and not prone to any health issues, then perhaps it would be worth discussing who can and who cannot obtain health insurance with no medical tests. Statistics does not appear to support this thesis in any way.

Let us look at a few more examples. Some more well-known and well-documented issues faced by Canadians are obesity, diabetes, depression, and alcohol or drug abuse. Thousands of Canadians struggle with these conditions and many successfully overcome them to live long and prosperous lives. They are, however, still excluded by so many insurance providers from obtaining life insurance with no medical tests. Nor are they given an opportunity to pass the tests, as the predetermined opinion is that they will be unsuccessful.

Given the fact that Canadians are known both at home and throughout the world for their generosity and their spirit of helping others, it takes one aback to find out that millions of Canadians have been, for years and decades, excluded from life insurance services. Thankfully, the new approach by NoMedicalLifeInsurance, which gives ample opportunity for life insurance with no medical tests, opens a fresh page for the Canadian insurance industry. After all, shouldn’t our first impulse always be to help those that need our support? Shouldn’t a service provider’s first goal be to resolve a client’s concern, no matter how difficult it may be?

Time for change. It’s long overdue.

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