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Insurers for the Climate

"Since when do insurance companies care about climate change?” you might ask. If you wonder as well, you should ask RSA Insurance Group plc, a UK based insurance company with a global presence. RSA recently started an official co-operation with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The mutual synergy on which this partnership is based will serve a good thing as well as a business interest. In other words, it is a perfect win-win situation. If anyone can actually express a change in climate in monetary terms, ...
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Life Insurance for People with HIV or AIDS

As of 2005, there were 58,000 Canadians living with HIV/AIDS. Yet, the life insurance market has traditionally been closed to those with immune system deficiencies. However, non-medical life insurance coverage for people living with diseases like AIDS is available from many guaranteed issue and simplified life insurance providers. Why have the life insurance floodgates opened to those with AIDS, who before couldn't obtain it? Guaranteed issue coverage has no medical tests and no health questions. So, the HIV question is not asked. Good news right? ...
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Life Insurance and Cancer

More and more people are surviving cancer every day and it's having a tremendous impact on the way life insurance companies underwrite those who survive cancer. Many forms of cancer are very treatable in their early stages and insurance companies have adjusted their pricing to reflect this. In certain cases, cancer survivors can now even qualify for traditional life insurance. Your best chance is in working with a broker who has experience with higher risk applicants. Remember, the claims experience and underwriting practices can vary ...
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