Benefits of Term Life Insurance for Seniors

Seniors Term Life Insurance

While not a legal requirement like auto insurance, seniors’ term insurance is important and offers benefits to your children and family. While some people do not like to mention life insurance, thinking it is akin to talking about death, it is a moral right and responsibility to consider your family, should there be an event that forces a loss of capacity to earn a livelihood.

Like fixing the roof when it is raining, people think the same thing about seniors’ term insurance. They may not think about it until the difficulty arises. Ideally, the best time to think about insurance is now, before a circumstance develops. It may be difficult to get insurance at the time of the event. Downplaying the importance of insurance could compound a family tragedy by contributing to a family nightmare. It is always better to plan ahead, now, before a tragedy happens.

This is especially important for seniors term life insurance, which could help your dependents with income. Life insurance can also be useful to pay legal, medical and funeral costs, should your family not be able to cover these expenses. Life insurance is one way of providing your family with replacement income upon your unexpected death. Think of life insurance as ensuring your family’s health and wellbeing.

Adults in their later years can now purchase affordable seniors’ term insurance at a price they can afford. Regarding seniors’ term insurance, you do not want to pay for a policy for longer than necessary. Yet, you want to be sure to have enough coverage in place to protect your loved ones. Keep in mind the following things, when selecting the right policy:

• Your children. How long will your children or other dependents need your income? When will your children be done with school and ready to be independent?

• Your spouse. When will your spouse no longer be dependent upon your income? Consider things such as when CPP and OAS are available.

• The mortgage. When will this be paid off? Depending upon your spouse’s income, you might want to have coverage in place until the house is paid off. In this way, you can be sure your spouse will not lose the home after your death.

In answering these question, you can determine whether you need your seniors’ term insurance to be in place for a few years or for the long-term. Term life insurance for seniors covers you for a specific term or duration. It helps your family handle their needs in the event of your sudden death within a pre-defined term, which could be anything between one to 30 years. The term is usually shorter for elderly individuals.

Term life insurance does not build equity as whole life insurance for seniors. However, you should always take your time and, along with considering senior life insurance quotes, you should compare them for other features. For instance, it makes a lot of sense to select a term life insurance policy if it comes with a renewal option – it allows you to renew your policy if the term is up and you feel you still need coverage. Even if comes with renewal features, make sure if it renews automatically or you have to take an action.

With many options and plans for seniors’ term insurance, obtain several quotes and speak with several agents before making any decisions. The marketplace is rapidly changing and new policies, options and plans are available for your specific needs. Talk to a qualified agent about your needs.

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6 comments on “Benefits of Term Life Insurance for Seniors
  1. STLR says:

    I agree, the renew ability feature is one of the most important when comparing plans for senior term life insurance coverage. Furthermore, make sure you understand if your policy provides full coverage from day one, or if there is any waiting period of up to 2 years or more for full coverage to kick-in, such as with graded benefit life insurance plans which are usually permanent life insurance.

    • No Medical Life Insurance says:

      Thanks for the note. Good point some Simplified Issue Term Life carriers such as Canada Protection Plan or Industrial Alliance also offer graded benefits

  2. Rona says:

    How do I go about adding to my existing policy with … I took it two years ago. Is it better to add with the same company

    • No Medical Life Insurance says:

      Hi Rona, Thanks we are happy to assist. By sticking with the same company for additional coverage you really only save the policy fee and not all companies reduce this amount. The best carrier would depend on the amount of coverage, type of plan, your date of birth and smoking status.

  3. Jason says:

    Can some one 72 still get a Term policy. I would prefer a Term 20 plan if possible.

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