Is Your Location Making You an Insurance Liability?

traveling can decline you insuranceThere are a lot of reasons for why you may be denied for life insurance, but you may be surprised to find out that what’s holding you back isn’t always medical. It’s easy to consider your medical history to be the main issue-a history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even smoking too much are probably the most obvious reasons people get declined-but did you know that your lifestyle could be just as problematic when it comes to your life insurance application?

Does your lifestyle present too many risks?

Your job, your volunteering activities, and your entertainment choices can all have an impact on your ability to get life insurance. Another impact on your life insurance application, can be your travel history. This can get you declined for life insurance just as easily as if you had been diagnosed with a serious medical ailment. It’s true! Especially, if you’ve traveled to any of the world’s most dangerous countries.

If you are trying to get life insurance, you may want to hold off making plans to travel to any of these countries:

1) Sudan

Sudan has been enduring civil wars for the past 40 years and its current situation isn’t much better. This country remains politically unstable and volatile due to its high levels of violent crime and armed conflict. Violence isn’t the only problem Sudan has faced. Apart from its frequent kidnappings, home invasions, armed robberies, carjackings, minefields, limited access to clean water and its high rate of infectious diseases, including malaria, make Sudan a hazardous venture.

2) Honduras

Honduras has an exceptionally high murder rate, which, combined with its scarce police presence and limited government resources, makes it an especially risky location for tourists. Journalists in particular are targets for violent crime in Honduras, and tourists are encouraged to double check that they are vacationing through a reputable tour group.

3) Niger

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is susceptible to major flooding, food crises, and the outbreak of diseases like malaria. Further, violent crime is rampant as the country is host to armed rebels, militants, and even the terrorist group Al Qaeda. Landmines and terrorist attacks make Niger a volatile spot for tourism.

4) Central African Republic

The Central African Republic remains politically unstable and virtually lawless since the overthrow of its previous government. Rebels and rogue troops are known to burn villages and practice banditry. Furthermore, there is no international presence. Food and water are prone to carrying diseases like cholera and hepatitis A. Chances are you won’t be making it back home safe and unharmed after this trip.

5) Afghanistan

Afghanistan still features the suicide bombings, hostage takings, and terrorist attacks of the remaining Taliban regime. There are also scattered forgotten landmines across this country as well. In addition, food and water shortages make this country particularly unsafe to travelers.

6) Iraq

The safety of Iraq is completely unstable. The country is known to have regular car bombings, vehicle ambushes, mortar and rocket attacks, and minefields. Crime and corruption are rampant, and North Americans are prime targets for terrorist groups.

7) Somalia

Somalia is currently the most dangerous country in the world to visit. Somalia contains pirates, warlords, kidnappers, bomb makers, terrorists, and factions. Violence and disease are rampant, and local hospitals lack the resources to treat wounds or illnesses.

For obvious reasons, travel to these regions of the world can drastically impact your ability to get life insurance. The potential for your life to be endangered makes travel to these locations a liability that most insurance providers would sooner walk away from. So what do you do when your travel plans have gotten you declined for life insurance?

What to do when you’ve been declined

The first step is to determine why you have been declined. You can contact the insurance company and provide authorization to have the information mailed directly to your doctor, for confidentiality reasons. Once you understand why you’ve been declined, you can determine whether the reason was based on an error or if it involved an issue that can be rectified.

If the issue cannot be resolved, don’t despair. You still have options.

If you cannot resolve the issue that is preventing you from attaining life insurance, you still have a couple of options. You can look into non-medical life insurance solutions. These solutions generally enable you to provide less information about yourself, making it easier for you to get approved. You can apply for guaranteed issue coverage, which is available without medical, health, or travel questions, or you can apply for simplified issue coverage, which may ask limited health and travel questions but generally offer higher face amounts at lower premiums. The type of insurance you apply for is up to you and will be based on your specific circumstances.

If you’ve been declined for life insurance due to your travel experiences, your career, or your medical history, or if you think you are at risk of being turned down, don’t delay. Contact an insurance broker to get started with your no medical life insurance options today. No matter where you’ve been or what your story, there is a life insurance solution for you.

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