Insurance Quotes for People with Pre-existing Health Conditions

Having a pre-existing health condition can result in difficulties when getting life insurance. Some insurers can even decline you. This section offers information on many pre-existing conditions and explains, how insurance companies treat these cases. You will be also able to get an insurance quote tailored to your situation.

Please, choose from the options below the one, you are interested in. You are just a step away from getting an insurance protection you deserve.

Life Insurance and Heart Attack

  • History of heart issues
  • Strokes in the past
  • Recent heart attack


Life Insurance and Diabetes

  • Diabetes type 1 or 2
  • Mild or serious stages
  • Insulin dependency


Life Insurance and Cancer

  • Breast or prostate cancer
  • Bladder, colon or uterine cancer
  • Kidney, thyroid or other cancer


Life Insurance and Obesity

  • Overweight or obesity
  • Additional pre-conditions


Life Insurance and HIV / AIDS

  • Recently diagnosed patients
  • HIV-1 or HIV-2
  • Long-term patients


Life Insurance and Depression

  • Recent or chronic depression
  • History of depression in the family
  • Mild and serious cases


Life Insurance and Multiple Sclerosis

  • Recent or chronical MS cases
  • Mild and serious cases


Life Insurance and other pre-condition

  • Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis
  • Transplants and recent surgeries
  • Organs disorders


Having medical pre-conditions typically means that you cannot apply for standard rates of traditional life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance policies. Don’t worry – there are several options available for you, depending on the seriousness of your medical pre-condition. You can get an insurance quote today to see how affordable the rates are.

Your health pre-condition is mild

Many people think that simply having a medical pre-condition closes the door to cheap insurance policies. That’s not true. If you have e.g. a mild diabetes pre-condition, such as type 2 diabetes without insulin dependency, and if you are healthy otherwise, you can easily get an instant online quote and qualify for rated traditional life insurance. It is basically the same traditional life insurance that a completely healthy person could get, but slightly more expensive. Nevertheless, you can still benefit from extensive insurance coverage and good premiums. The better your health is, the more affordable your insurance rates will be.

Your health pre-condition is somewhat serious

If you have an advanced medical pre-condition, you can sometimes still apply for traditional life insurance, but it will be rated at a higher rate, meaning you will pay more than somebody with a mild pre-condition.
Another option is to get a quote and purchase a simplified issue life insurance policy – it comes without any medical exams but you are still required to complete a medical questionnaire. Not having to do a medical test comes at the cost of higher insurance rates and a few limitations. The most important one is that your coverage will be typically limited to $300,000. However, simplified issue insurance sill offers great coverage to take care of your family and loved ones.

You have a very serious pre-condition

Having a serious medical pre-condition means that you cannot risk completing a medical questionnaire since your condition will not allow you to reply to all the questions positively. If you are declined for a traditional life insurance, it becomes more difficult to get e.g. a simplified issue insurance policy. If you have a serious health condition, consider applying for a no medical guaranteed issue life insurance policy. It can be purchased without any medical exams or questionnaires (you get approved immediately), but it often comes with a few drawbacks:

    • Coverage limit: Very often, the maximum amount of a no medical guaranteed issue policy is limited to $25,000 – which is often enough to cover a particular type of expenses (such as to clear a debt, help with capital gains tax or to pay funeral expense), but it does not leave enough funds to take care of loved ones on an ongoing basis.


  • Waiting period: This policy typically comes with a two-year waiting period, meaning that claims will be paid only if you had the policy for at least two years, and didn’t die within the waiting period. If you do pass away, some policies will return the premiums (but your claim will be refused).

Full list of insurance companies that we work with

The list of companies we work with includes ACA Assurance, Assumption Life, SSQ Group Insurance, Canada Life, Foresters, Desjardins, UL Mutual, Industrial Alliance, Equitable Life of Canada, La Capitale The EDGE, Medavie Blue Cross, BMO Insurance, Industrial Alliance Pacific, London Life, Standard Life, Reliable Life, Canada Protection Plan, Wawanesa Life, The Co-operators, Transamerica Life Canada, Great-West Life, RBC Insurance, Empire Life.