Life insurance in Winnipeg for people with Preconditions

life-insurance-in-winnipeg Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, is sometimes wrongfully associated with cold winds, big lakes, long winters and the Winnipeg Jets NHL professional hockey team. Well, that is, of course there are cold winds and winters and the lakes and the great new Jets there, but there is also much more to Manitoba’s capital than appears to catch the attention of the mass media and consequently, the wider public.

Winnipeg is one of Canada’s best higher education centres, a hub for folk and jazz music, and an independent visual and performance arts scene the likes of which one won’t find anywhere else. Being here in Winnipeg is a great honour for our dedicated team of life insurance professionals, and we look forward to becoming the insurance broker consultants of more Winnipegers with each passing year.

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Of course, the most important element of any city’s unique puzzle is the people that live and work and study in it. Winnipeg is home to a great variety of ethnicities, religions, and professional groups. It is the magnet of artists, students, workers, musicians, politicians (and hockey fans). As we found out very quickly after starting operation in this city, it is also a place where a large number of what mainstream insurance companies would call “hard to insure applicants” have been fighting hard for many years for the opportunity to get insurance coverage.

For many of these people, life insurance quotes were as far as it went in the process of getting insurance. Health tests or prior health histories and family information disqualified these applicants from obtaining insurance again and again. This is why when No Medical Life Insurance came to Manitoba, we immediately saw great interest in our simplified issue insurance packages. After all – what is not to like? Guarantee issue insurance is there for the people that have gotten used to being rejected and denied coverage. We have already helped hundreds of Winnipegers achieve their goals, get good health insurance and be able to focus on things they really enjoy in life.

Our client base includes students and the elderly, independent professionals and newcomers to Canada and Manitoba. Being denied life insurance coverage for reasons beyond your immediate control can be distressing, but our team works hard to address these concerns as quickly as possible and help our neighbours return to normal life. Our processes are common-sense and efficient, our fees are as competitive as it gets in the field, and our customer satisfaction levels are constantly at the highest levels possible. We take pride in serving Winnipegers, answering any life insurance questions they may have and always being there for support. It is then a great joy for everyone on our Winnipeg team to run into one of our happy customers at a local store or at a hockey game – after all, life is given to us to be lived to the fullest. Let us take the life insurance coverage headaches and turn these issues into something positive for you and your family.

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