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Markham, ON is a popular choice for those wishing to live within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) without living amongst the mayhem of the city itself. The only drawback to living in a popular commuter community, like Markham, is the commuting. Living in the city has the benefit of convenience, including the convenience of major transit systems like subways. Living outside the city often means lots of highway driving, which translate to lots of risk.

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    While highway driving is fine if everyone is following the rules, we all know that doesn’t happen too often. When sharing the road with fellow commuters, taxis, transport trucks and massive city vehicles, one wrong move can cause a fatal accident. For those who do commute on major highways, such as the 401, being properly insured is important. From life insurance to health coverage and adequate car insurance – you want to be certain you have your bases covered. There are specialist insurance brokers like Staveley Head, who can guide you choose the right insurance at competitive prices. This is such a help as you do not have to go through complicated insurance documents and figure out what it implies.

    As a city, Markham offers something appealing to a wide range of people. There is a portion of the town where Heritage Streets exist, which preserves the old town feeling of the original Markham. On top of this the city offers a museum, art gallery, beautiful cathedrals, farmers market and several other attractions that add to the small-town feeling. It’s easy to see why people would choose to live here over the big-city life in Toronto – and surely having a Markham address makes getting things such as auto or life insurance, much more affordable.

    The city has a great arts sector, with many creative and performing arts troupes and theatres, not to mention the many annual festivals that contribute to the culture of the city. Although commuting to the city is necessary for many who live in Markham – it doesn’t always mean they have to hit the craziness of the 401 to get to work. The city offers convenient Go Train access to Toronto, which if often much safer than the highway – although weather can significantly impact the system’s ability to service commuters. Although those in smaller cities and towns may enjoy lower insurance rates for a variety of reasons, there is a certain lack of selection for essential services that come with a smaller city. Having a huge selection of insurance brokers, for instance, is often only a luxury those in larger metropolitan areas benefit from. Then again, if you are willing to commute, living in Markham means you can travel within a reasonable distance and get plenty of choice.

    At, we understand why people choose to live outside the major cities. We also understand that this shouldn’t mean you have to suffer for it. We believe in offering our clients every product they may possibly need. Whether they are a hard-to-insure applicant, or looking to get simplified issue insurance – we can do that. If you live in Markham and are trying to decide where you should go for all your insurance needs, contact us to today. We will be there to help you every step of the way, no matter what your insurance needs may be. specializes in hard-to-insure applicants.

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