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Edmonton would be a great place for ground-zero in the Zombie Apocalypse, what with the University of Alberta (cutting edge medical science), two downtown districts, and a slew of LRT lines to transport the living and the undead, it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened yet! But in all seriousness, if it did happen, wouldn’t it be nice to have medical insurance? Well, a zombie may qualify as a hard to insure applicant, but medical coverage is always a plus, right?

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    Apocalypse aside, Edmonton is home to many hardworking folks across a huge variety of industries, from blue collar to white collar, and even students, this city has them all. Known as the Festival City, Edmonton attracts huge crowds throughout the year. While Calgary may have its Stampede, Edmonton has the Fringe Festival, a Taste of Edmonton, the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, K Days and so much more. With over 800,000 residents and a population that continuously grows as the job market expands, you can only imagine how packed the city is during festival season! Despite all the good times had here, accidents happen, especially in all the mayhem and fanfare of a festival. Although no one thinks about it, medical insurance is an important thing to have, even during the good time.

    It’s easy to fall down in a crowd, get sideswiped by a cyclist, or even rear ended in the craziness that is almost guaranteed with the influx in tourists that summer brings. There are also many things to do in Edmonton outside of festival season. With a great zoo, museums, the science centre, a world-famous mall and a huge selection of restaurants and historical sites to choose from, you won’t be bored in the off season. Speaking of “off” season, which is truly a misnomer in this part of the country because for many the off season is the “on” season.

    Skiing, snowboarding and most of all sledding (skidoos) is like its own season here. No matter how cold it is (and it gets cold!) or how bad the visibility, you will see dedicated sledders tearing up fields and bombing down ravines without a care in the world. Unfortunately, sledding can be a very dangerous activity. Crossing frozen lakes and ponds on a sled is one of the most dangerous things you can do, but it can be difficult to avoid if you aren’t familiar with an area. Similarly, head injuries due to falls from sleds are also common. Despite all the safety gear in the world, in bad weather with freezing temperatures you may just be out of luck. Anyone who calls sledding (or quadding for that matter) a serious past time, should also call life insurance a serious investment.

    In Edmonton, like anywhere else, there are people working dangerous jobs and partaking in potentially dangerous hobbies and activities. Every one of these people should be investing in medical insurance or life insurance to ensure their families are not left out in the cold if the worst happens. Talking to an insurance broker to get insurance quotes is a great first-step, but until you have your affairs settled in that department, it may be best to take your foot off the gas for a while. If you have been labeled as “hard to insure” by an insurance agent, don’t worry. We have plans just for you. Don’t let illness, health history, age or even terminal illness stop you from asking about the many no-medical policies designed just for you.

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