Life insurance in Halifax for people with Preconditions

life-insurance-in-halifax How much do you know about Halifax, or should we say Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia? Just “the capital and largest city of that province” does not cover even a hundredth of what should, in fact, come to mind. Halifax is the largest city in the whole of Atlantic Canada. It is the great magnet drawing artists, singers, dancers, actors, students, small business owners and others in. It is one the top places to live in Canada; a city with an unmatched quality of life, and even, one survey mentioned, a “city of the future”. Now that sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Keeping all of this in mind, it was a logical step for No Medical Life Insurance to expand into Halifax. We are loving every day here.

All kinds of people live here. The size of the city means opportunities for more individual service, greater communication, more neighbours that smile and wave when they see you, and a wonderful little patisserie… ah, we will get back to that last point when we get to know you better. An important thing to remember about Halifax is that while it is a city of the future, it is also, alas, still struggling with some elements that should long have been left in the past – one of these elements, which our life insurance team knows close and personally, is the tendency among insurance brokers to reject “hard to insure applicants”.

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    These people are repeatedly denied health insurance and life insurance coverage due to family medical history, past and current health issues, and the impossibility of passing certain medical tests. Since day one here in Halifax, we have been talking to residents about our simplified issue insurance and our guaranteed issue insurance, created specifically for those that have previously found themselves in the “hard to insure” category. Our innovative approach has been very well received by our new neighbours, and we are happily marching on and spreading the word about this new solution to life insurance problems. The first reaction of people that hear about no medical life insurance is disbelief – we appreciate the time Nova Scotians take to talk to our team.

    Life insurance quotes and companies are generally not very exciting things to talk about, but we are glad to say that we have already been able to establish a very strong and positive connection with the local community. No Medical Life Insurance is gradually becoming the trusted life and health insurance partner of hundreds of Nova Scotians – we invite you to find out more about our services and ways we can help you with all of your insurance needs. After all, beautiful Nova Scotia and its gem, Halifax, are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Let’s take the worries about life and health insurance off your shoulders so you can focus on your friends, family and all the activities that you love.

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