Life insurance in Ottawa for people with Preconditions

Life Insurance in Ottawa In either the warmest days of our short Canadian summers or the middle of our interminable Canadian winters, the overall temperature in our capital city never drops. Political intrigue, reforms and infighting are mixed intricately with one of the most vibrant music and independent theatre scenes in North America, and a local population staggeringly active in the eyes of outside observers. Ottawa is the capital city in every sense of the word, and living here can be as stressful as it is unpredictable, which brings us to an important question: do you have life insurance? What about health insurance?

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    Why buying life insurance young is important

    Over the time we’ve already been present here in Ottawa, we have crossed paths with a surprisingly high number of what the mainstream insurance companies and insurance brokers would call hard to insure applicants, the people for whom getting life insurance quotes would be the end of their quest for insurance due to their medical histories or current health issues. At No Medical Life Insurance we are of the opinion that no one should be left out in the cold when it comes to obtaining insurance, which is why we are proud to offer the services of guaranteed issue insurance (also called simplified issue insurance) to Ottawans (or Ottawites, if you prefer). This is a no medical life insurance that was not a possibility to Canadians before, which is why we are happy to see a great neighbourhood response to our services.

    Ottawa is a great city to live in if you are taking classes, if you are an independent professional, a parent, or when you are looking to retire. Importantly, people falling into all of these vast categories are among our customer base in Canada’s capital. The novel approach to dealing with life insurance and finding you the quotes and the information that you require to make a potentially life-changing decision has been very well-received by Ottawans of various ages, careers, heritage in this wonderful city. There is always something happening and we understand why Ottawans are never bored, but we also understand that with increased levels of activity come increased risks, which is why our simplified issue insurance is first raising eyebrows and then attracting very positive attention from the public.

    Try our services for yourself. Talk to our life insurance specialists if you have been denied coverage before, if you could put the words “hard to insure applicant” into your resume, and if insurance brokers have not been very open to giving you reasonable options. We are confident that we can assist you and take the worry about insurance off your shoulders. We love being a part of this wonderful community and look forward to serving you soon. Life in Ottawa would be so boring without surprises – let’s just work together to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises ahead. Ottawa is to be enjoyed, whatever the political or music or natural season it may be. It is, after all, Canada’s capital city.

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