No Medical Life Insurance Quiz

1. Guaranteed Issue Policy

Are less expensive than regular insurance
Have a lot of health questions
Have no Health questions

2. The two year waiting period on No Medical Life Insurance refers to

The death benefit only pays out after 2 years
The policy pays a health benefit in the first 2 years
The insured starts paying premiums after 2 years

3. Simplified Issue Plans

Are only available as Term plans
Have no health questions
Have three to twelve health questions

4. Assumption Life’s Golden Protection Plan

Has face amounts up to $250,000
Provides lifetime protection
Has increasing premium

5. Canada Protection Plan Policies

Is underwritten by Transamerica Life
Offer a variety of Simplified Issue Plans
On sells Term plans

6. BMO Insurance Guaranteed Life Plus

Is not available via its broker network
Pays out an immediate death benefit
Is a Simplified Issue Plan

7. The Edge’s Final Guaranteed Policy

Has a short series of health questions
Has a two year waiting period on death benefits
Has a maximum face amount of $100,000

8. Assumption Life’s Golden Protection Plus

Has a level death benefit
Has no cash value
Has an increasing death benefit

9. Which of the following is true

Simplified Issue is generally less expensive than Guaranteed Issue coverage
BMO Insurance’s Guaranteed Life Plus is a Simplified Issue Policy
Empire Life has a Guaranteed Issue policy

10. Which of the Following Answers is false

Canada Protection Plans Simplified Life provides lifetime protection
Golden Protection provides an immediate death benefit
Golden Protection has the same rates for smoker and non smokers