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Ebola And Other Disease Outbreaks

Ebola, a disease that was practically unheard of 40 years ago has become the most frightening disease in human history. New cases are reported daily and vaccine development is progressing at an ‘unprecedented rate’. The outbreak has been ongoing since March 2014 in the West Africa nations as reported by the World Health Organization and has rapidly progressed into a global epidemic. The first known outbreak was in 1976 in Africa along the banks of the Ebola River, infecting 284 people and killing 151. Fast-forward ...
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Top 7 Dangerous Countries in the World

Most insurance companies generally ask for an extensive travel questionnaire and underwriting decisions are made based on preferred or standards rates. Some companies will have exclusions for deaths occurred in certain countries and the insured needs to sign off on an amendment form. Some insurance applications may even be declined due to an insureds’ history of high risk travel. Many factors will influence the insurance company’s decision including occupation, frequency and duration of travel, purpose of travel and travel warnings’ advisory posted by the government ...
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Bitter Almonds

Dining on These Foods Could Be Your Last Meal

When it comes to food, you don't discriminate. You embrace it all, and are practically drooling to try out new foods that have the potential of making your taste buds tingle! What you don't know is that from delicious delicacies to regular groceries, some of them contain toxins which could potentially end you. You might love them, but the feeling clearly isn't mutual... Eat at your own risk! 7. Fruit Pits Have you ever cracked the hard shell of a cherry pit with your teeth ...
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There are many things an insurer considers when looking at a life insurance application. Some are straight forward, others are very surprising e.g. DUI.

11 Things You Never Realized Could Affect Your Insurance Application

You'd like to consider yourself a life insurance novice. You've done your research and know the primary factors that underwriters consider when determining your premium: your age, health, family health history, tobacco use, occupation, the policy term and amount. So when you confidently send out that application and end up receiving an unfavourable result, just what went wrong?There are so many things that your insurance company will consider when looking at your application (aside from the usual suspects), and it's good practice to be aware ...
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Lorne Marr Shares 5 Essential No Medical Life Insurance Tips

When it comes to finding life insurance that fits your needs, it is a matter of knowing where to shop around, knowing what to look for and how to navigate the world of life insurance. Let me, Lorne Marr, help you do this with little fuss and great success by sharing five essential no medical life insurance tips. How do you know I can provide you what you need? I have been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, starting my career with Met ...
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8 Reasons Why Your Insurance Claim Will Get Declined

You buy life insurance for the purpose of making sure that there's something sufficient left for your family in the case that you won't be there. After all, for the monthly premiums you pay, you deserve something out of it ...
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Top 5 Silent Killers

Photo by Bernard Goldbach You never saw it coming. You're an ordinary, happy-go-lucky soul who juggles life and work and enjoys exercising as much as the other person. You're not scared of those annual health check-ups, in fact, your doctor loves telling you you're good for another year, and you know it! So after spending an evening catching up with friends, you return home feeling happy and sated, stumble into bed, close your eyes... and never wake up again. You just died in your sleep ...
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How long has your insurance company been in business?

The need for insurance in Canada became apparent quite early, with many companies developing their Canadian style branches in the mid 1800s. Following is a look at how and when your insurance company came into being ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Ecig Joints

Full disclosure An insurance policy is a legal contract - when you enter into an insurance agreement, there are many disclosures involved, on your part and the insurer's, as part of the policy and claim. It is prudent that you provide full disclosure to ensure that your claim will be paid out without disputes. While life insurance companies do not specifically ask about ecig joints on life insurance applications, it is still a good idea to disclose usage to avoid any claim disputes arising from ...
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Top 4 Strategies For Hard To Insure Applicants

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, it can be not easy to get a life insurance policy. WE created this infographic to inform you about 4 strategies to find the best insurance for pre-existing medical conditions ...
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